Forest Zhu

I would like to work as an animator or digital artist for your studios. I'd like to both apply the skills I have learned in college and also learn and grow as an artist!

2011  CROSS     1 min project in Computer Animation program in Sheridan College
2010  Tao’s Frog  Showing on the computer animation festival in Siggraph 2010
2008  Choose     WWF Environmental Protection API
2008   Warm      CCTV New Year Party Video title

Computer Animation
Sheridan Institute of Technology
Oakville, Ontario,Canada

2009 – 2010
3D Animation Exchange Program
Cogswell Polytechnical College
Sunnyvale, CA
United States

2006 – 2009
B.A., Animation Design
Communications University of China
Beijing, China

2008-2009  internship in Timetimes Animation as animator
Oct 2008   volunteers in Aniwow! China(Beijing) International Student Animation Festival
2007-2008  work in CUC animation school student union 

My name is Forest Zhu (Chinese name Houlin Zhu). I am a 25 year old male who grew up in Dalian, China. Art and animation has always been a part of my life, and just recently I have finished computer animation program in Sheridan College. In my Senior year of school, I was sent by my school to study in the United States in an exchange program for a year to better develop my 3D techniques.I am well versed in 3D character animation, traditional 2D animation techniques as well as a storybroading and sketch artist.
I am proficient in the use of Maya ,Flash, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere
I have great sense of organization, and can communicate in both English and Chinese. Plus, I am very excited and motivated to learn and work on a great team with even greater artists!